Flood Relief

Roxie Stork – 402-450-1604 and Lynn Murray-Smith 402-802-7172 are the leaders for all of our flood efforts. If you need information about what we’re doing to help our neighbors and fellow Nebraskans, or you have some ideas of how we can help, please contact them.

Two new opportunities to serve – Saturday, April 13 and Monday, April 15

We have two more opportunities to serve the flood disaster victims. The first takes place this Saturday, April 13. We will leave from Messiah at 8:00 am and return about 5:00 pm. We ask that you carpool and caravan to Valley. If someone would like to be the lead driver for the caravan, please contact Roxie Stork at 402-450-1604, and she can send you driving directions to Valley, and will be able to get you the name and phone # of the gentleman who is our contact person for this project. This opportunity is open to adults, High School students, and Jr. High students if they are accompanied by a parent. This work will be light. We will be working at the Valley church and also at the Valley distribution center. Work will consist of sorting donations that have come in to both places, as well as greeting people who are coming to receive items.


The second opportunity will be Monday, April 15. We will leave Messiah at 2 pm and return by 8 pm, and we will be taking the Messiah vans. We will be doing the same work as on Saturday. We are looking for 20-22 people this time also.


Please prayerfully consider these opportunities to serve. Here’s a link to sign up. 

Saturday, April 6

A team of 22 people spent the day in Valley and King Lake.  They sorted items to be recycled or thrown away.   There’s obviously going to be many more opportunities to serve, so be sure to sign up for our email list, which will inform you of all of our