Forward in Faith

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What is Forward in Faith?
We have a vision to build a new school building, which will provides outstanding and dedicated classroom spaces for our school ministry and also increases the space available for meetings, Bible studies, music rehearsals and many more opportunities to gather at 1800 S. 84th Street.
After spending time in prayer and educating people about this vision, we sought pledges from those who were committed and able to financially support this endeavor. To date, we’ve received over $3.2 million in pledges!
What’s New?
The October 28th vote to expand our current campus and greatly increase the space for ministry passed with over 93% of the vote in favor.  That means that this summer we will proceed with the remodel of our current kitchen.
One of the first steps we need to take is to form a playground committee.  If you have an interest in helping to plan our future playground or any experience in writing grants, please contact Matt Stueber by calling our school at 402-489-3024.
On November 7th the building committee met and came up with the following steps:
1 – Contact will be made during the week of Nov. 11, asking 5 companies to submit proposals, due by the end of November.
2 – The committee will narrow the list of candidates down and interview those selected in mid December.
3 – We will select a company to be in charge of our project by the end of December, 2018
Here are some thing that are being done now, and in the next 2 years:


Building Plan – Completed – October

Kitchen Extension Remodel – Completed -September


New Playground

Kitchen Remodel

New Outbuilding


New Elementary Classrooms
New Meeting/Bible Study Rooms
New Library/Media Center
Additional Great Hall Space
What’s Next?
We’re awaiting the results of the October 28th Voting Day.  Work has begun on the new outbuilding, so we’re getting a jumpstart on the 2019 list!