Christian Day School

Preschool (Ages 3-4)
Traditional Program
Messiah’s preschool serves children and families looking for traditional half day attendance options. Three year olds meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Four year olds meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Math & Science
Designed for older four year olds and children not quite ready for Kindergarten, the Math & Science class add-on meets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, providing a wonderful variety of hands on learning experiences for your child.
Schooltime Childcare
Designed to meet the needs of working parents, childcare is offered as an additional program during the school day for children enrolled in Preschool.
Elementary School (Grade K-5)
Providing the gifts of faith, knowledge, and direction is one of the most important things we do for our children. You make a significant investment in your child when you pick a Christian day school for their formal education. It’s an investment in eternity for your child and for those with whom they will connect throughout their life!
At Messiah, your child will be equipped for success in all aspects of life. Not only will they achieve great things in their coursework, but they will also grow to be outstanding young Christian leaders along the way, viewing their world through a Christ-centered lens.
Lincoln Lutheran (Grades 6-12)
Middle and High school is a time of change and preparation. As teens enter adulthood, their values, skills, and knowledge are formed into a foundation that will support them throughout life. At Lincoln Lutheran, we provide students with an academically strong education while developing a Christian worldview that prepares them for college and life. We believe, teach and confess the saving grace of Jesus Christ which provides the central focus for learning at Lincoln Lutheran.