Forward in Faith

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What is Forward in Faith?
We have a vision to build a new school building, which will provides outstanding and dedicated classroom spaces for our school ministry and also increases the space available for meetings, Bible studies, music rehearsals and many more opportunities to gather at 1800 S. 84th Street.
After spending time in prayer and educating people about this vision, we sought pledges from those who were committed and able to financially support this endeavor. To date, we’ve received over $3.2 million in pledges!
What’s New?
After meeting with 4 different companies, our building committee decided to partner with Hausmann Construction for our new addition.  They recently built the new Moore Middle School for LPS and we’re excited about the expertise they will bring to our project!
Here are some thing that are being done now, and in the next 2 years:


Building Plan – Completed – October

Kitchen Extension Remodel – Completed -September


Groundbreaking – April 7 – Completed

New Playground

Kitchen Remodel – May

New Outbuilding


New Elementary Classrooms
New Meeting/Bible Study Rooms
New Library/Media Center
Additional Great Hall Space
What’s Next?
Our groundbreaking celebration was a great experience.  We signed on our loan on Wednesday, April 10th, and Hausmann Construction has already put a fence around the construction area and closed off some of the exits from the building.   We look forward to rapid change ahead.