Sewing Group Makes Masks for Medical Workers

From Wendy Rich, Co-Cordinator of Messiah’s Days for Girls Sewing Group:

It has been quite a busy time for our ministry. Eleven days ago, we were asked to make masks for a local medical office. In just ten days our group made 200 masks to meet their needs!

Since then, we have been inundated with requests. We had about 20 sewers jump in and heartily contribute their skills and time, working in their own homes. It was beautiful to see how God used a network of women whom He had been gathering and preparing for a project like this, through our work on Days for Girls the past few months.

It was such a joy to gather over 300 masks that had been made and give them to the medical staff, who are continuing to show up to work and do their jobs each day.

Our story of God using us unexpectedly continues. Sometimes we want the talents or skills that someone else has. But God knows better, and can use our individual gifts. For example, several ladies who participate in our group don’t sew, and often times, they are apologetic of it. But they contribute mightily to our production output!

I think this applies to what is going on in this strange time, too. We are finding new needs and then new ways for God to use us, IF we are willing to say “Yes” to his call. Even if we say “yes” reluctantly, He can use us. The work is not easy, but the reward is fulfilling!