Ron Suing Uses His Carpentry Skills for Tithe Boxes

This past winter, when the area was being hit with a particularly nasty flu bug, we discussed finding a way to avoid having to pass an offering plate in church during our worship services. As we return to in-person worship, we felt this was definitely a change we needed to make.

After finding a few designs online, Scott Guenther reached out to Ron Suing, who quickly made up three beautiful offering boxes for us to use. He donated his time and the materials needed to make the boxes, and finished them up in less than a week. He even included a little Lincoln history in them, as some of the oak used for the bottom slats are made from reclaimed wood from the Gold’s building located downtown.

Many of you have made the transition to online giving during our time of online-only worship, and plenty have still faithfully mailed in their tithes and offerings each week. As you return to worship, if you wish to give in person, you’ll be able to place your offerings in the boxes as you enter or leave the worship center.